Digital Shopping

Digitalisation in our everyday lives is fundamentally changing the food sector and presents new challenges for food retail. Wanzl’s retail solutions respond to digital trends. These retail system solutions pick up the consumers’ altered information, interaction and buying habits and transfer the advantages of online business to traditional retail. The approach makes its presence felt with innovative products covering all touchpoints in the customer journey. This leads to the online and offline networking of e-commerce and retail. This multichannel or omnichannel approach picks up the desires of hybrid consumers, who would like to combine the convenience of online shopping with the on-site retail shopping experience. Wanzl provides digital technologies that make shopping more convenient, for example with shopping trolleys that give shopping tips on a smartphone or tablet and navigate to the goods the customer wants. In this smart trolley concept, customer-specific, individualised advertising is displayed using digital signing whilst shopping. Self-driving shopping trolleys, mobile payment solutions, self-checkout, self-scanning or innovative delivery concepts that are inspired by online retail alter the shopping experience in the food sector. Home delivery in food retail is establishing itself with the Wanzl click & collect solution. This enables shopping with one mouse click: Order online and collect from pick-up points. Wanzl is already providing the retail sector with future-oriented solutions that guarantee improved retail performance.